Food and Hunger Grants

The FAMAE is seeking applications for the Food for Good Challenge to develop an innovative and concrete solution from field to fork to deliver fair, sustainable & healthy food, for everybody, everywhere.

The goal of the FAMAE endowment fund is to seek pragmatic, efficient, durable, universal and money-saving solutions to make life easier for urban citizens while reducing their environmental footprint. As a consequence, FAMAE endowment fund has set up a collaborative Competition to enable brilliant and innovative inventors to make their ideas come true or to effectively launch their product.

Funding Information

  • The funding will be at least €15,000 per category and may reach nearly €2,000,000 since the Jury may decide to allocate a maximum amount of money to an exceptional project.
  • This funding shall be used for expenditures related to the project (i.e product development costs, people wages, marketing expenses).

Eligibility Criteria

  • The Competition is open to everybody, be it an individual, a university, a governmental / regional / local organization, a for-profit organization (limited liability company, partnership …) or a not-for-profit organization (foundation, NGO, association …). The Awardee(s) will have to be organized as a legal entity in due time to receive the Award funding.
  • No individual or entity may register more than once (for example, by using a different username/email). Multiple registrations for an applicant using multiple identities are not allowed. However, when a large entity is concerned with variable teams involved in the Competition, FAMAE may grant exemption to participate in the Competition to the related entity.
  • FAMAE reserves the right to reject the Application of a Candidate if, in its sole discretion, the laws of the governing jurisdiction applicable to the Candidate would prohibit or limit FAMAE from proceeding with the Competition as intended or the consideration or making of any Award would impose additional administrative, tax, operational, or legal burdens on FAMAE or the Competition Sponsor.
  • Ineligible persons or entities
    • Neither Famae Team members, the Sponsor Team nor Jury members are permitted to participate either directly or indirectly with any Candidate submitting a Project; any such participation will disqualify the related Application.

Selection Criteria

  • There are four criteria:
    • innovation,
    • impact,
    • feasibility,
    • quality.
  • They have a broad definition of innovation, covering high tech, low tech and social innovation.


For more information, visit FAMAE.

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Name of the Organisation
Food for Good Challenge
Grant Amount
Euro 20,000,000
Closing date of Proposal
Monday, 24 February, 2020
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