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Title: Applications invited for Smart and Integrated Local Energy Systems

Innovation Action (IA)

According to Horizon 2020 rules of participation, an IA consists primarily of activities directly aiming at producing plans and arrangements or designs for new, altered or improved products, processes or services. For this purpose they may include prototyping, testing, demonstrating, piloting, large –scale product validation and market replication. A ‘demonstration or pilot’ aims to validate the technical and economic viability of a new or improved technology, product, process, service or solution in an operational (or near to operational) environment, whether industrial or otherwise, involving where appropriate a larger scale proto type or demonstrator.

Scoring and ranking of proposals

  • Proposals will be scored between 0 and 5 for each of the three criteria: ‘impact’, ‘excellence’ and ‘implementation’
  • In the case of an Innovation Action, to determine the ranking among all eligible proposals, the score for the criterion ‘impact’ will be given a weight of 1.5


There is no fixed budget allocation between European and Indian participants. All requests for budget have to be necessary for the execution of the project and justified. Accordingly, consortia and individual partners should not “over claim”. This aspect will be duly considered during the evaluation under the ’implementation’ criterion, which considers efficiency of the implementation where budget efficiency should be covered.


  • Develop and demonstrate novel solutions which analyse and combine, in a well delimited system, all the energy vectors that are present and interconnect them, where appropriate, to optimise their joint operation that is demonstrated by an increased share of renewables in and higher energy efficiency of the local energy system.
  • Proposals should present a preliminary analysis of the local case as part of the content of the proposal and propose to develop solutions and tools for the optimisation of the local energy network, that also have a high replication potential across Europe and India.
  • It should bring together all vital stakeholders: local consumers, small to medium industrial production facilities and/or commercial buildings should be involved in the projects from the start, preferably by creating energy renewable energy communities.
  • Proposals should propose to develop solutions and tools for the optimisation of the local energy network, that also have a high replication potential across Europe and India.


The participating entities/organisations from India have to be a legal entity as per Indian law (Indian applicants) and the European entities as per the Horizon 2020 rules of participation.

Indian entities eligible to participate

  • Central Government / State Government supported or recognized (Public or Private) academia and urban or other local bodies;
  • National / State funded R&D Labs;
  • Government of India / State Government recognized not-for-profit (NGOs, Voluntary Organizations / Trusts/ Research Foundations), having research and innovation as one of the imperative mandates; R&D centers recognised as Scientific Industrial Research Organization (SIRO) by DSIR;
  • Incubatees / Start-ups Incubated in any of the recognised Business Incubator (will be funded through the incubator);
  • Indian Industry can be a partner in the consortium and are eligible for funding subject to fulfilment of DST’s technical, administrative and financial norms.

Funding by DST

DST will fund the Indian consortium members as per requirement of the project, and as per the regulations of the DST, as outlined hereunder, and for the project duration up to 42 months;

Budgeted costs of the project to legal entities subject to obligatory fulfilment of eligibility criteria

Submission of proposal on Horizon 2020

In addition, two (2) hardcopies of uploaded research proposal should also be sent to DST by Speed Post and reach before 15 February 2020.

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Name of the Organisation
Department of Science and Technology, Government of India
Grant Amount
EUROS 60,00,000
Closing date of Proposal
Saturday, 15 February, 2020
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