The Culture and Animals Foundation (CAF) is accepting applications for its grant program.

CAF is an all-volunteer-run, non-profit organization whose mission is to support artists and scholars in advancing their understanding of and commitment to animals.

The Culture & Animals Foundation aims to advance animal advocacy through intellectual and artistic expression.

Grant Categories

The Foundation funds academic and artistic projects that raise public awareness about concern for animals, awarding grants in three categories:

  • Research (scholarly projects about animal advocacy and its cultural roots and impact);
  • Creativity (original work by artists and thinkers that expresses positive concern for animals); and
  • Performance (public performances and exhibitions to raise awareness of animal advocacy).

Funding Information

Individual grants normally are given in amounts ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. The Foundation may elect to award a partial grant, for a portion of the requested amount.

Eligibility Criteria

CAF accepts grant applications from any country.

For more information, visit Culture and Animals Foundation.

Name of the Organisation
The Culture and Animals Foundation (CAF)
Grant Amount
Closing date of Proposal
Friday, 31 January, 2020
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