About the Organization:

Agropolis Fondation is a scientific cooperation foundation dedicated to research, training and innovation for the benefit of stakeholders in agriculture and sustainable development. Their main mission is to promote, through its network and its multi-stakeholder and international partnership, the agro-ecological transition in the agriculture of tomorrow.

Climate change, biodiversity, food systems: Agriculture-based solutions:

The globalization of narratives, practices and institutions (values, standards, rules) affects agriculture as a whole and on many levels on a spatial, temporal and jurisdictional scale. At the same time, agricultural, forestry and other land-use activities are among the main drivers of climate change and loss of biodiversity

The global agricultural policies today face major challenges: feeding a world increasingly urbanized population expected to grow to nearly 2 billion by 2050, while addressing the major challenges of climate change and loss biodiversity. Food systems are also facing increasing societal demand to become more responsible by reducing negative externalities on the environment and human health, among others.

The scientists play a key role in various reflections, discussions and actions that contribute to the challenge of the agro-ecological transition by promoting practices and solutions that preserve the renewable natural resources and lead to more desirable socio-ecosystems. One way to do this is to mobilize research, higher education and training to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

In order to promote the agro-ecological transition of tomorrow’s agriculture, the Foundation is now endeavoring, with the approval of its founding members and its Scientific Council, to work along three transversal axes:

  • Axis 1: Agriculture and climate change: adaptation and mitigation 
  • Axis 2: Conservation and sustainable management of biodiversity 
  • Axis 3: Responsible production and consumption

Objectives of the call:

Research teams are encouraged to apply and position themselves in at least 1 axis and, if possible, the nexus of 2 or 3 axes by: 1) Identifying the best axis representing their field of research; 2) interrogating the stakes affected by their research work; and 3) interrogating the interactions and potential contradictions between SDGs and the Foundation’s three cross-cutting axes.

The Foundation seeks to encourage and mobilize a combination of disciplines, revisit their research practices and ways of building research projects. Proposals should include new (to the extent possible) collaborations (or reinforce existing ones) between researchers, disciplines, approaches and methodologies (including participatory research involving key stakeholders) so as to tackle, directly or indirectly, sustainable development challenges.


  • A submitted proposal should tackle at least one of the crosscutting axes presented in Section III.
  • The lead proponent should be from one of the research units belonging to the Foundation’s scientific network (Labex Agro)9
  • Scientists from research units or institutions outside of the Foundation’s scientific network can participate as partners.
  • A scientist can coordinate only one project funded under this specific CfP.


A maximum amount of 750,000 euros is available for this call, which will finance two types of projects:

1. Type 1 projects: from 150 K € (minimum) to 250 K € (maximum).

  • Global funding available: 450 to 600 K €
  • Project duration: maximum 36 months

2. Type 2 projects: from 20 K € (minimum) to 25 K € (maximum).

  • Global funding available: 120 to 150 K €
  • Project duration: maximum 1 year

Documents available online: All documents related to the present Call for Proposals are available online at the following website: https://agropolisfondation.optimytool.com/en/

Closing date: March 3, 2020

Contact: pere@agropolis.fr

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Name of the Organisation
Agropolis Fondation
Grant Amount
Euro 7,50,000
Closing date of Proposal
Tuesday, 3 March, 2020
RFP Email
Pierre Péré; pere@agropolis.fr OR Anne Causse; causse@agropolis.fr
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