About the Organization:

Regional Studies Association works with their international and interdisciplinary membership to facilitate the highest standards of theoretical development, empirical analysis and policy debate of issues at this sub-national scale, incorporating both the urban and rural and different conceptions of space such as city-regions and interstitial spaces.

RSA Membership Research Grant Scheme (MeRSA):

This grant aims to reward excellence and support outstanding individual researchers on a topic related to regional studies and regional science. 

In offering the Membership Research Grant the Association seeks to raise the profile of regional research and its contribution if appropriate, to policy and practice. All applicants are required to set out how they will disseminate the results of their research not only through academic publishing but also to communities of policy and practice. Awards will be judged on the basis of the excellence of the research proposal and the ability of the applicant to communicate the results of the research broadly.

They are intended primarily to provide opportunities for scholars who have already published in the field of regional studies and/or regional science and who are currently individual members of the RSA.  The value of the award is up to £5,000 (c. $6,300; c. €5,600). The award has a maximum time span of 18 months and reporting conditions apply. The full Terms and Conditions governing the grant are available in the MeRSA Handbook.

The RSA’s aims are to:

  • Lead the regional research, policy and practice communities
  • Develop our members and support our community
  • Deliver high quality regional research
  • Influence policy debate and practice
  • Innovate in publishing
  • Acknowledge excellence in our field

General Grant Conditions, Eligibility requirements:

  • This award is open to RSA Individual members (excluding student, early career, retired/emeritus or corporate) and in any membership band – A, B, C or D at the time of application. Grant holder’s must remain members throughout the duration of the grant and its reporting period which ends 12 months after the acceptance of the research report and after the submission of an impact and outcomes report.
  • The MeRSA is provided to support a discrete piece of regional studies and/or regional science research. The value of the award is up to £5,000 (or its equivalent in dollars or euros; for your information c. $6,300; c. €5,600). All grant sums are quoted in British Pounds Sterling but can be paid in the appropriate currency subject to exchange rates. The award has a maximum time span of 18 months and reporting conditions apply.
  • Members in any territorial band may apply for grant funding.
  • The MeRSA Research Grant will only be allocated to a single researcher. Co-authored or team applications are not eligible.
  • Grants will normally be awarded to higher education institutions (HEI) or recognized research institutions as grant holders will be subject to the research rules and ethics of their employing institutions. Applicants must be based within an eligible HEI. The RSA will allow applications from researchers on temporary contracts with a recognised HEI provided that evidence is supplied showing that the contract covers as a minimum the period of research and reporting period as defined in the application
  • Applicants must be members of the Association and remain in membership throughout the period of the grant and reporting period. Recipients of this grant must be a member of the Regional Studies Association at the time of application and remain a member until the end of the reporting period and acceptance of the end of award report whichever is the latest.
  • Applications from corporate members are not eligible. For clarity, corporate members may not apply for this award either as organisations and nor may individuals as representatives of corporate members.


You may not apply for this grant if:

  • You are a post-doctoral researcher supported by a senior investigator’s funding.
  • You do not hold a current RSA Individual membership at the time of the application.
  • You are a student, early career, retired/emeritus or corporate RSA member.
  • You hold a FeRSA Fellowship (FeRSA) status of the RSA. You are a PhD student or Early career.
  • You have already been awarded an RSA Early Career Grant, FeRSA or MeRSA Research Grant.
  • Corporate members of the RSA are not eligible to apply for this funding.

The MeRSA Grant operates a two stage application and assessment process. In the first round, applicants submit an expression of interest. Shortlisted applicants from the first round will then be asked to complete an application form and submit their full proposal as part of the final selection round.

Please send your Expression of Interest application and queries to mersa@regionalstudies.org.

Forthcoming deadline: 04th August 2020

First selection round:

The Expression of Interest should include the following (see details in the handbook):

  • Applicant information details: title, name, surname, RSA membership number, postal address, telephone number, email, name of Higher Education Institution (HEI), details of previously awarded RSA Grants
  • Title of the research project
  • Timings of the research
  • Summary including details of research and the advances it is hoped that it will make (Max 500 words)
  • Brief overview of costs and budget
  • 1-3-page CV

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Name of the Organisation
Regional Studies Association
Grant Amount
Pounds 5,000
Closing date of Proposal
Tuesday, 04 August, 2020
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