If you’re an Australian alumnus who dreams of making a difference in your professional field, workplace, or community, then apply for Australian Alumni Grant Scheme (AAGS) 2020 – India pilot.

The AAGS offers seed funding on a competitive basis for initiatives that create impact by putting your knowledge and skills to good use.

The Australian Consulate General Chennai (ACG) has developed a pilot grant scheme to support the application, sharing of knowledge and experience gained by Indian alumni during their studies in Australia. The Australian Alumni Grants Scheme (AAGS) is intended to strengthen ties between both nations, support alumni in their professional endeavors and improve ‘Australia literacy’ in India.


The key objectives are to:

  • encourage innovation and collaboration in one or more of the ten sectors identified in the India Economic Strategy including: Education (Edutech); Resources and Mining, Equipment, Technology, Services; Science and Innovation; Agribusiness; Energy; Health; Infrastructure/Urban Development; Financial Services; Sports; Tourism;
  • provide alumni with opportunities to enhance and capitalise on their knowledge and skills to improve practice in their professional fields and communities;
  • develop, maintain and strengthen professional linkages and partnerships between alumni and the Australian government, and Australian businesses, organisations and educational institutions;
  • connect alumni to each other across disciplines and professions, organisations and institutions, and geographic areas in order to share good practice and create opportunities for collaboration;
  • develop a network of alumni who view Australia’s capabilities and credentials in a positive light; and
  • showcase Australia’s excellence as a global provider of high quality education and research.

Funding Information

Project grants will be awarded to alumni to implement a specified project that supports the objectives of the AAGS. It will include grants of up to INR10 lakh (approx. AUD 20,000).

Eligible Activities

Projects that include partnership with Australian businesses or institutions are encouraged. The ACG will accept proposals for project grants from individual alumni, a group led by an alumni or organisations involving alumni. Groups should be led or co-led by alumnus and may include non-alumni. There is no limit to the number of individuals within a group.

Applicants must be able to travel to attend briefings and/or other events hosted by the ACG, Chennai. The cost of any such travel should be included in the budget submitted with the project proposal. Projects must normally be completed within one year of commencement.

The AAGS supports a range of projects and activities that contribute to its objectives, including but not limited to:

  • Training, workshops, seminars
  • Capacity building, mentoring or coaching
  • Academic Research
  • Research and Development (R&D) and Innovation
  • Knowledge or Technology transfer
  • Startup seed funding
  • Organisational strengthening
  • Community development activities
  • Public awareness campaigns

Project grant funds cannot be used for the following purposes:

  • Subsidies for formal studies, trainings or short courses in country- or in Australia;
  • Participation at an activity for which applicants already received funding from the Government of Australia;
  • Any personal items not relevant to the implementation of the grant activity;
  • Repayment of loans;
  • Fixed assets or property;
  • Activities for which the expenses has already been incurred;
  • Purchase of land, buildings, or major assets such as vehicles;
  • Construction of buildings and other structures;
  • Activities contrary to the interest of Australia or India;
  • Activities which are the responsibility of other funding bodies or other government agencies; and
  • Activities which discriminate against any group, or which promote a particular political or religious viewpoint.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The AAGS is open to all Indian nationals (or Australian nationals with a valid Overseas Citizenship of India card) who have graduated from a recognised Australian tertiary institution, including recipients of Australian Government scholarships, Government of India scholarship recipients, and private fee-paying students.
  • The AAGS is also open to all Indian nationals who have completed short-term tertiary courses at registered Australian institutions through Australia Awards Fellowships and Short Courses, have undertaken research with Australian institutions or have participated in Australian government hosted programs.
  • Applicants may be required to provide a copy of their testamur, statement of graduation or other documentary evidence to prove their eligibility. All applicants must be based in India at the time of submitting their application.

Selection Criteria

Selection of the project grant is competitive and merit-based. Applications are assessed against the following criteria:

  • The project has clearly defined objectives consistent with one or more objectives of the AAGS.
  • The project is linked to the knowledge and skills gained through the applicant’s study program in Australia and/or professional experience.
  • The project addresses an issue of strategic value to Australia and/or India in relation to at least one of the 10 economic sectors as identified in the India Economic Strategy.
  • The project offers potential to establish sustainable linkages between Australia and India and /or showcase Australia’s capabilities and credentials.
  • The project will have measurable outcomes. The application should demonstrate how this impact will be measured.
  • The project has a clear and realistic strategy for achieving its objectives within the stated timeframe, including sufficient budget and an appropriate assessment of risk.
  • The project represents value for money, including by leveraging contributions from third parties. Value for money is defined as economy (spending less), efficiency (spending well), effectiveness (spending wisely), and equity (spending fairly). Further guidance on the DFAT’s policy on value for money can be found on the Department’s website.

How to Apply

Applications for project grants should be made through the Smarty Grants online portal. The ACG regrets that it cannot accept applications sent via email or post, however applicants with disability are encouraged to inform the ACG should special assistance be required to fill out the online application. Information requested through the AAGS online application form includes:

  • The name of the project;
  • A brief description of the project (including a list of its main activities);
  • The proposed objectives and anticipated outcomes of the project;
  • The beneficiaries of the project;
  • How the project addresses the selection criteria;
  • How the outcomes of the project will be assessed (including performance targets);
  • The potential risks to the project and how these will be managed;
  • How the project will be publicized and promoted, and
  • The proposed budget and schedule of activities.

For more information, visit AAGS.

Name of the Organisation
The Australian Consulate General Chennai (ACG)
Grant Amount
INR 10,00,000
Closing date of Proposal
Tuesday, 31 March, 2020
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