The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Bangkok Regional Hub is inviting civil society organizations, networks and community-based organizations working on LGBTI inclusion in the Asia-Pacific region to submit grant proposals relating to one of the following three thematic areas:

  • Enhancing LGBTI youth leadership: Strengthening the capacity and leadership of LGBTI youth networks to advocate for rights and inclusion; youth entrepreneurship and social innovation; capacity strengthening at national and/or regional level(s).
  • Transgender leadership and advocacy: Strengthening policy advocacy and transgender-led programming at national and/or regional level(s) on key topics such as transgender health, depathologization, legal gender recognition and/or violence.
  • Supporting human rights for LGBTI people: Improving human rights policies and programmes for LGBTI persons at national and/or regional level(s); strengthening of engagement by LGBTI civil society with human rights mechanisms.

Award Information

  • Under this call for proposals, one grant for each thematic area will be awarded to an LGBTI-led civil society organization or network that promotes human rights and inclusion of LGBTI people in Asia and the Pacific.
  • A total of three awards of up to USD 25,000 each will be granted for completion within a period of maximum 7 months (from 1 May to 30 November 2020). Each organization may be awarded a maximum of one grant at a time.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Be a non-state, civil society organization/network in the Asia Pacific region;
  • Be legally registered and demonstrate the capacity to manage the award funds and implement activities;
  • Leadership of the organization includes LGBTI community members and/or has established links to gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex communities and experience directly involving members of those communities in the development and implementation of programmes and activities;
  • Demonstrate organizational capacity and existing relationships with national/regional stakeholders on issues relating to the promotion and protection of human rights of LGBTI people;
  • Demonstrate that the organization’s mandate, values and ways of working are guided by principles of Human Rights and Human Development.

Eligible project proposals may include a combination of activities, research and strategic information generation, skills training, organizational strengthening and management cost.

Selection Criteria

Applicants are invited to submit a grant proposal using the attached template. Proposals will be assessed against the criteria below:

  • Thematic responsiveness and relevance (30 points): The extent to which the proposal responds to the theme of the call; strategic relevance of proposed activities to LGBTI inclusion and rights; demonstrated demand for the activities from the community and/or research.
  • Potential for impact (25 points): Clarity of objectives; expected contribution to the thematic area; linkages to ongoing or previous initiatives.
  • Soundness of method (25 points): The extent to which proposed methods logically contribute to reaching the stated objectives; are feasible to implement within the given timelines and budgets; are community-led/involve the community in design and implementation.
  • Value for money (20 points): Scope and scale of activities proposed and anticipated impact vs proposed cost. Recommend not exceeding 15 per cent of total budget for operating cost (including capital and recurring cost, i.e. office rent, electricity, etc.) unless justification for exception is given due to country or security situation among other factors. Any human resource cost to be covered should be clearly linked to outputs.

Proposals will be reviewed and selected by a Grants Committee established by UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub.

For more information, visit UNDP.

Name of the Organisation
The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
Grant Amount
USD 25000
Closing date of Proposal
Tuesday, 31 March, 2020
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