The GoodPlanet Foundation’s Action Carbone Solidaire program, created in 2006, aims to combat global warming by offering sustainable and economically viable alternatives for the benefit of the most disadvantaged populations.

Partnering with NGOs and local and intermediate-sized social enterprises, the Action Carbone Solidaire program supports the development of projects in South America, Africa, Asia and Europe, as part of an approach of international solidarity and general interest.

The Action Carbone Solidaire program not only provides financial support but also operational assistance to these actors, enabling them to strengthen their capacities. Since 2006, the program has supported more than 50 projects in more than 20 countries in the following areas:

  • Access to renewable and sustainable energy and energy efficiency
  • The development of sustainable agriculture and forestry
  • Preservation and restoration of biodiversity
  • The recycling of household waste
  • The construction of bioclimatic schools

The latter is used for the specific financing of projects to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and is part of the themes of access to renewable and sustainable energies as well as energy efficiency and waste recovery housewives.

Currently, the projects under development in these 2 themes are as follows:

  • The recycling of household waste in Cameroon , Togo and Madagascar
  • The spread of biogas in India
  • Production and distribution of solar cookers in Peru and Bolivia

Funding Information

This financial support for Carbon finance projects can be done in two ways:

  • Case 1: Projects up to 19,999 tonnes of CO2 equivalent avoided per year , which integrate the GoodPlanet project portfolio, supported by annual carbon financing, coming from several financiers.
  • Case 2: Projects greater than 20,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent avoided per year , subject to pre-financing from a single donor, with multi-year funding acquired.

For more information, visit GoodPlanet Foundation’s.

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