ALC India’s Transforming India Initiative provides a platform through which entrepreneurs and enterprises are equipped to discover, dream, design and develop. The two-year full-time post-graduate program under Niti Aayog’s  Atal Innovation mission helps the youth of India to explore social entrepreneurship and fulfill their potential. They equip the seekers with the skills, mindsets and ecosystem support to establish responsible enterprises that will address the most pressing challenges facing India today.

The uniquely designed curriculum for the two years emphasizes on: Self-Transformation, Enterprise Skills, Entrepreneurial Mindsets & Enterprise Excellence.

The key principle around which the Transforming India Initiative is built is the experiential learning approach. Seekers spend 75% of their time on the ground, working with entrepreneurs, solving real-life entrepreneurial challenges.

There are two key components in the program:

  • the Facilitated Learning component and
  • the Experiential Learning component.

The program starts with the facilitated learning module. Here, all the seekers receive the basic skills, exposure, and mindsets required for them to start their work on the ground equipped with confidence and capacity to solve the challenges of the enterprise where they are placed.

Following this, the seekers will be placed with an enterprise. Here they will learn through practice, reflection, discussions with their peer mentor and online learning modules. The experience of working in an enterprise with experienced entrepreneurs and solving complex real-life challenges will serve as a valuable experience that not many will get.

The seekers also leave the program with inspiration, relationships, advice, learnings, and connections that they can count on for the rest of their lives.


  • Scholarships: The program cost is INR 6.9Lacs. On this, they offer 60% of scholarships to all selected applications. Few applicants can get up to 100% scholarship as well.
  • Stipend: The program has two components: Facilitated Learning and Practicum.
    • During Facilitated Learning, they get industry experts to take sessions on their campus.
    • The food and accommodation for these 6 months are taken care of by them.
    • During the 18 months of practicum, they provide a stipend of INR 16,000 for expenses.
    • Travel to their campus. during the program is taken care of by the organization.
  • Post Program Support
    • After completion of the program, seekers get to choose the path they want to take.
    • Seekers who pursue entrepreneurship are supported with seed funding, incubation support and mentoring.
    • Individuals who want to pursue jobs are supported through a placement facility with social enterprises.


Candidates need to graduate at the time of admission.


The four stages of the application process include:

  • Application Form
  • Online aptitude test
  • Phone Interview
  • 2-day Direct Assessment

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