Will your project make the lifestyles smarter, more sustainable? Is it contributing to the fight against climate change? Will it improve infrastructures’ resilience? Is it a solution to reduce environmental impact on mobility? Do you believe in cutting-edge technologies, new business models and disruptive services to make a difference? If yes then go ahead and apply now!

The EDF Pulse India’s 1st edition starts now! And this new award brings up a great ambition for EDF: to support socially inclusive Indian-based innovations for an electric world that’s more eco-friendly and better connected.

EDF, one the world’s leading energy companies, develops innovative solutions for a low-carbon energy mix and strives for a more efficient electricity consumption. In furtherance of these objectives, EDF launched the ‘EDF Pulse’ contest to support innovation in society and boost environmental progress.

As part of EDF Pulse program, EDF Pulse India reward Indian start-ups innovating to further energy transition and new electric uses each year.


  • Sustainable smart living: Innovative products and services improving the standard of living while reducing the environmental impact towards CO2 neutral and zero waste objectives.
  • Resilient smart infrastructures: Innovative products and services improving the operational performance of existing electrical assets infrastructure and reducing downtime by predictive maintenance including but not limited to: smart devices, IoT platforms etc.
  • E-Mobility infrastructure: Innovative products and services improving the e-mobility infrastructure value chain including charging and battery-swapping stations, EV system components such as electricity network, energy production and storage.

How many awards will be given out?

In 2020 :

  • 3 Awards given to startups chosen by a Grand Jury of experts and leading figures
  • Up to 3 Special Mentions would also be attributed by the jury

What do the start-ups win?

  • A marketing campaign aimed at the general public to boost visibility
  • Depending on the Award, prize money up to €20,000 to develop their business

Committees of innovation experts from within and outside the Group will choose the most innovative projects including a Grand Jury of figures & highly recognized personalities from the world of research, business and media.

Eligibility Criteria

To be considered as eligible, a project must demonstrate the following criterias:

  • Be presented by the founder and/or the Managing Director of a small business (its representative must have the authority to make corporate decisions) of an Indian early stage SME company with a complete application submitted in time
  • Be innovative and use electricity,
  • Answer a general interest issue, or contribute to the fight against global warming & climate change
  • To match with at least one of the 3 categories of the EDF Pulse India
  • Have a model or prototype before November 2020 to possibly be exhibited during the Awards Ceremony.
  • Entry into the EDF Pulse India is restricted to all small businesses (start-up, micro company, SMEs):
  • With less than 500 people;
  • Based in India (incorporated in India or having a subsidiary in India with local operational teams);
  • Of which no corporate group of over 500 persons holds more than 50% of the capital or 50% of the voting rights; and
  • Having raised less than USD 5 million.

Selection Criteria

The received projects will be evaluated based on the following selection criteria:

  • Innovative solution answering societal challenges;
  • Durable and viable business model;
  • Team quality (vision, complementarity, background diversity…); and
  • Ecosystem connexion.

For more information, visit EDF Pulse India.

Name of the Organisation
Electricite De France (EDF) Pulse
Grant Amount
Euro 20,000
Closing date of Proposal
Wednesday, 3 June, 2020
RFP Email
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