The Global Programme Food Security (GPFS) of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) has launched an open call for proposals to identify a programme by an organization, a consortium or an alliance of institutions willing to build on and systematize existing innovative initiatives to strengthen human rights in food systems.

The overall goal of the programme SDC/GPFS is looking for is to contribute to the realization of the UNDROP. This includes the strengthening of the right to food and other human rights in food systems, thereby enhancing sustainable access to healthy, safe and nutritious food for the most marginalized and excluded groups affected by hunger and malnutrition. Hence, SDC/GPFS is looking for programme proposals that focus on enhancing the awareness, capacities, governance, monitoring and accountability for relevant human rights in food systems at national, regional and international level.
The proposed theory of change is as follows: IF global frameworks and norm/standard setting processes are coherent with the right to food and other rights of peasants and rural food workers, and IF these global frameworks translate into the development, implementation and monitoring of laws, public policies and legislation at national level that promote and protect the right to food and other rights of peasants and people working in rural areas, THEN food security and malnutrition in all its forms will be improved, particularly for the most vulnerable groups, such as women and youth, who will be empowered to claim their rights and to participate in decisions that affect them.
The proposed overall goal and theory of change shall serve as a strategic framing reference to be refined by the participants in the call for proposals. They should also develop programme outcomes alongside the following strategic objectives:
  • to strengthen information, training and capacity building of right holders on the UNDROP;
  • to strengthen national legal and policy frameworks on human rights in food systems in selected countries through civil society mobilization, participation and advocacy work;
  • to strengthen human rights monitoring and accountability mechanisms for food systems at national, regional and international level, including the “watch-dog” function of CSOs;
  • to improve policy coherence of global norm setting processes for food systems with the right to food and claims of the UNDROP.
Taking into account that the UNDROP is touching on a broad range of aspects that are central for peasants and other people living in rural areas, SDC is looking for a programme that focuses on human rights in food systems. Particularly issues of land tenure, agro-biodiversity, seeds, agro-ecology and the right to food shall be addressed as SDC’s GPFS has a special interest in these fields. This “light earmarking” will, however, not prohibit the programme from responding to other relevant demand-driven human rights issues relevant for peasants and other people living in rural areas.
Funding Information
  • In the framework of this call, SDC may choose one single proposal for funding. SDC’s contribution for the first phase will be a maximum of CHF 900’000. per year. The annual contribution will decrease in the possible third phase.
  • SDC’s contribution will cover a maximum of 50% of the total cost of the project.
  • The period foreseen to support financially a potential programme is set at 10 years to take into account the complexity and the long-term nature of the project’s development objectives. Contractually and conceptually, the project should be divided into three successive phases. SDC intends to sign a contribution contract for each phase. The first phase of the project should last 4 years (June 2021 – May 2025), followed by a possible second phase of 4 years (June 2025 – May 2029), and a possible shorter third phase (until May 2031).
Geographic Focus
SDC is looking for a multi-country programme with a global focus, addressing low- and middle income countries. A targeting of SDC priority countries and, in particular, countries in which SDC already supports interventions related to human rights issues is welcome.
Eligible Projects
  • Contributions to new projects, programmes or initiatives together with other donors and/or contributions to ongoing projects are eligible.
  • Project or initiative implemented in multiple countries are welcome. Projects or initiatives with a focus on less than four countries are not considered.
  • Multi-stakeholder cooperation is welcome.
  • Synergies and complementarities to existing SDC financed programmes are welcome.
  • Exclusive research projects are not considered.
Eligibility Criteria
The call for proposals welcomes applications from single organizations, organizations with subcontractors, consortia or alliances of different stakeholder groups. SDC/GPFS is looking for partners with proven experiences and competences in the mentioned fields, demonstrated capacity to develop and implement projects of similar volume and complexity and a good anchoring in and context knowledge on the focus countries. In case of a consortium, the composition of the applicants should ensure complementarity, coherence and competence in all related field.
For more information, visit SDC.
Name of the Organisation
Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)
Grant Amount
CHF 900,000
Closing date of Proposal
Friday, 28 August, 2020
RFP Email
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