About the Organization:

The Japan Water Forum serves as a contact point for exchanges between water stakeholders in Japan and overseas, as well as domestic and international organizations, development banks, governments/municipalities in foreign countries, private companies, researchers, NGOs, and other diverse stakeholders. Is working with. Under that network, they create opportunities to take action to solve water problems in the world, including Japan, and aim to maximize the benefits and value of water to all people on the planet.

Darvish Yu Water Fund

Mr. Yu Darvish is a Japanese professional baseball pitcher (Texas Rangers). In his youth, Darvish witnessed the devastation wrought by a drought in Iran, from where his father hails, and he determined to help these people when he became older.

In 2007, two years after his Japanese pro-baseball debut, Darvish established the “Darvish Yu Water Fund” in collaboration with the Japan Water Forum, a Japanese non-profit organization aiming at resolving water and sanitation problems in developing countries.

The objectives of the fund are to contribute to ensuring access to water and sanitation in developing countries.

Darvish donates 100,000 JPY to this fund at each of his wins. Individuals are also welcome to make donation. The fund awards grants to grass-roots organizations in developing countries.

What kind of projects can be funded?

Water-related projects that provide safe drinking water and sanitation facilities at the grass-roots level such as:

  • Construction of wells/ rainwater harvesting tanks, Development of simple water supply systems, and Construction/ upgrading of sanitation facilities.

When and Who?

  • Applications are accepted throughout the year.
  • Any organization that has been working at the grass-roots level aiming at addressing water-related issues in developing countries is eligible to apply.

Grant: Grant is up to 4,000 USD per project.

What is the fund recipient required to do?

The recipient of the fund is required to carry out and complete their project and submit a final report.

How to apply?

To apply for the project, please use and fill out the prescribed application form and send the electronic data of the filled application form to Japan Water Forum (office@waterforum.jp) by e-mail.

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Name of the Organisation
Japan Water Forum
Grant Amount
USD 4000
Closing date of Proposal
Wednesday, 30 September, 2020
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