CEPI is striving to accelerate vaccine development and to ensure that associated manufacturing capabilities and capacities will meet global demand as quickly as possible.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is a public health crisis causing unprecedented disruption to human activity. As national and regional governments assess containment measures, it is thought that only widely available safe and effective vaccines used in conjunction with other public health measures, will allow a return to normal life and help stop further loss of life and economic disruption.
The objective of this Call for Proposals is to support the rapid development of vaccines with a goal of achieving licensure/emergency authorisation in 12-18 months or less and to ensure the availability of sufficient doses for wide-spread global deployment as soon as possible in 2021. This Call is being issued in conjunction with the establishment of the Access to COVID-19 Tools (ACT) Accelerator, a public-private partnership committed to speeding the development of and global access to diagnostics, therapeutics, and vaccines.
CEPI’s core goal in releasing this Call for Proposals is to accelerate the development of safe and effective vaccines by organisations who can rapidly deliver at scale and to ensure that the supply of vaccine doses is made available to meet the public health need on a worldwide basis during the pandemic.
CEPI encourages all Multi-National Companies (MNCs), companies in the Developing Countries Vaccine Manufacturers Network (DCVMN), and other vaccine / biologics developers with the capacity and experience to manufacture at scale to apply.
Applications will be evaluated according to specified criteria to assess the probability of success, the realistic speed of development and licensure plans, and the potential and capability to manufacture at scale within a timeframe relevant to the pandemic. The proposals will be judged principally on their ability to advance rapidly through development, secure licensure and reach a significant scale of production. Applicants can apply for funding of their complete development plans, or parts of development plans.
This Call will be of potential interest to organisations who have already secured resources for a vaccine candidate for a given COVID-19 target indication or region, and now seek additional support, based on the above principles, to aid expansion of global development plans, support large clinical trials, scale up of manufacturing and/or widen the geographical manufacturing footprint.
Eligibility Criteria
  • The funding opportunity through this rolling Call is open worldwide, to all types of organisation: forprofit companies; non-profit organisations; international institutions and foundations; joint R&D ventures; government research organisations; and other vaccine developers.
  • Applicants must be independent legal entities, or consortia comprised of legal entities. The main applicant, or for a consortium at least one of the members, must have experience in human vaccine development and have a track record of bringing vaccine candidates through development, including licensure and manufacturing.
  • The applicant should either be a manufacturer or have a manufacturer with a track record of vaccine production identified within the consortium.
For more information, visit CEPI.
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Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI)
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Monday, 28 September, 2020
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