The GiftAbled Foundation has announced a Request for Proposals for Implementation of Early Intervention (EI) & Early Education (EE) Program.

GiftAbled Foundation was formed in 2013 as a Public Charitable Trust working in areas of Education, Health, and Skilling for people with disability.

People with Disability may not fit into typical societal norms or silos due to their physical limitation. However, that should not be considered a reason to portray them fit only for charity. They can and will contribute towards building a just, sensitive, and healthy society.


  • To sustain the community ecosystem
  • Capacity building of NGOs
  • To empower parents of Early intervention
  • Rehabilitating children with developmental delay as per the needs
  • Readiness of children to preprimary school

Eligibility Criteria

  • Application is invited from NGOs working in South India.
  • Registered with PWDs Act, National Trust Act, FCRA (optional) and must have 5 years of working experience in Community Based Rehabilitation and a minimum of 3 yrs experience in Early Intervention and Early Education (optional) program
  • Should have Child Protection and Vishaka Policy along with HR Policy
  • Must have qualified human resource to implement the program as RCI holder or rehab professionals
  • Strong network with the community and state govt stakeholders.
  • The implementing partner should have a prominent presence and work experience in the areas of operation
  • Submit two reports of successfully completed work in last 3 year as an implementer
  • Have adequate infrastructure (therapy & classrooms), equipment’s and Proper accessibility
  • Have good communication infrastructure in place (internet, email).
  • The project shall be implemented for duration of 06 months (Oct-20 to March-21) from the date of signing the agreement.

For more information, visit GiftAbled.


Name of the Organisation
GiftAbled Foundation
Grant Amount
Closing date of Proposal
Saturday, 15 August, 2020
RFP Email
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