About the Organization:

The Adaptation Fund finances projects and programmes that help vulnerable communities in developing countries adapt to climate change. Initiatives are based on country needs, views and priorities.

The Adaptation Fund was established under the Kyoto Protocol of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, and since 2010 has committed US$ 720 million to climate adaptation and resilience activities, including supporting 100 concrete adaptation projects.

About the Grant:

The Adaptation Fund Readiness Programme for Climate Finance includes a component aimed at increasing South-South cooperation among accredited National Implementing Entities (NIEs) and those seeking accreditation. Under this activity, developing countries that do not yet have an accredited NIE may receive support from an accredited NIE in one or more of the following areas:

Identifying potential NIE candidates; assisting NIE candidates in the preparation of applications to be submitted to the Fund; providing support and advice during the application process.

It is expected that such peer support will effectively help build national capacity and sustainability.

Grant Amount: Upto $50,000

Eligibility Criteria:

  • NIEs eligible to provide support will be those entities that have tangible achievements with the Fund and have advanced significantly with their projects. Eligibility is based on the entity’s experience with the Adaptation Fund, including in project preparation and implementation and in supporting other countries at different stages of their application processes.
  • For an NIE to be eligible to provide peer support for accreditation using the South-South cooperation grant, it must meet all of the below criteria. The NIE:
  • Must be an accredited national implementing entity of the Adaptation Fund;
  • Must have experience implementing an Adaptation Fund project or programme, hence demonstrating effective compliance with the Fund’s fiduciary standards, operational policies and guidelines; and
  • Must have experience advising, participating in, or organizing support to other NIEs.
  • The Adaptation Fund Board Secretariat (the secretariat) will assess fulfilment of the requirements for criteria 1 and 2 before the accredited NIE can be listed on the Adaptation Fund website as an eligible entity for peer support using South-South cooperation grants. Following the submission of a proposal for a South-South cooperation grant by an eligible NIE, the Secretariat will assess criteria 3.

How to Apply:

Applications should be sent to afbsec@adaptation-fund.org and carbon copy fmadziwa@adaptation-fund.org

Deadline: 6 October 2020

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Name of the Organisation
Adaptation Fund
Grant Amount
USD 50,000
Closing date of Proposal
Tuesday, 6 October, 2020
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