The Fondation Franklinia is currently accepting project proposals focused on in-situ conservation of globally threatened trees.

Project Types
Projects must implement concrete on-the-ground conservation actions. Projects can span over a period of up to 3 years. The necessary information must be provided to answer the following questions:
  • Does the project leader have the necessary experience and knowledge?
  • Does the project take into account experience gained at the proposed site or in another region?
  • Do the target species need to be replanted or is there sufficient natural regeneration?
  • Does the project reduce the most significant threats to the target species?
  • Is the project likely to negatively impact other species?
  • Is there sufficient genetic diversity of nursery-reared seedlings?
  • What is the expected survival rate of the plantations?
  • Is the environmental impact of the project reasonable (team and infrastructure near the site…)?
  • What is the long term vision: 10 – 30 years (once new trees have reached maturity)?
Eligibility Criteria
  • Any organisation with well-established expertise and efficiency in plant conservation can apply.
  • The Foundation can fund projects implemented all over the world but will favour areas with high biological diversity as well as areas where needs are important and funding opportunities are limited.
  • When there are several projects in the same geographical area, the Foundation wishes to see concrete collaboration between the different organisations active in the field, especially those it already supports.
For more information, visit Fondation Franklinia.
Name of the Organisation
Fondation Franklinia
Grant Amount
Closing date of Proposal
Wednesday, 25 November, 2020
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