Are you passionate about education? If, yes! Register today to be placed in a school in the suburb of Chennai by May 2021. The Bhumi Fellowship is a two-year, paid, full-time fellowship program for young graduates who want to improve the quality of education in India by transforming schools.

Through this fellowship, build values, skills, and mindsets to enable these fellows to take on a long-term leadership journey for educational equity.

The ineffectiveness of the Indian education system puts our future generations at risk. Only a new and more effective learning method can equip our children with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive tomorrow. The Bhumi Fellowships offers a chance to reimagine the way we learn and create a working system that prepares children for a better tomorrow.

Fellowship Overview

  • Over two-years, as a fellow placed in a low-income school, applicants’ primary focus will be:
    • Teaching English and Mathematics for a minimum of 12-15 hours every week
    • Supporting teachers with innovative teaching methods
    • Improving the leadership skills of school leaders/headmasters
    • Identifying problems faced by the school or the community and design a robust and sustainable solution
  • After the two-year fellowship, applicants will have the opportunity to:
    • Lead a cluster of 3 to 5 schools
    • Transform the education ecosystem in your community
    • Setup your own organisation
  • In the process, applicants will:
    • Understand the educational ecosystem and facilitate change.
    • Develop leadership abilities, perseverance, entrepreneurial acumen, and strategic thinking amongst others.
    • Collaborate with influential changemakers in the educational space.
    • Build a self-sustaining system of change


  • Applicants will receive a monthly grant of Rs 18,000 (taxable).
  • All program relaxed expenses like phone, travel, and stationery will be reimbursed additionally as per policy.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Final year students/Graduates between 20 and 30 years of age
  • Past volunteering or work experience in any field
  • Passionate about transforming the education system
  • Fluency in the Tamil Language

Selection Process

  • Application Process
    • Fill out the application form to give us a sense of who applicants are and why they want to be a part of the fellowship
  • Telephonic Interview
    • After reviewing application, the program may have some additional questions for applicants. A telephonic interview will help us with the evaluation.
  • Personal Interview
    • After a successful evaluation, applicants will have to participate in a group discussion. Following this, an interview will be conducted.

For more information, visit The Bhumi Fellowship.

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Bhumi Fellowship
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Friday, 30 April, 2021
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