The International Peace Research Association (IPRA) Foundation is inviting applications for its Peace Research Grant Program to advance the field of peace research through rigorous investigation into the causes of conflict and examination of alternatives to violence. Peace researchers inform peace activities that inspire visions of a peaceful world.


The vision of the IPRA Foundation is to:

  • Inspire visions of a peaceful world
  • Promote knowledge of non-violent peace strategies
  • Increase the number of peace scholars around the world
  • Encourage peace science and arts
  • Grow worldwide communication and collaboration among peace researchers
  • Further the purpose and activities of IPRA

Core Values

  • Impactful and socially relevant research: IPRA value original research, and peace activities informed by that research, that contributes to the world community and engages key stakeholders.
  • Positive Peace: IPRA value peace and justice by nonviolent means.
  • Respect: IPRA value respecting dignity, humanity, identity and diversity.
  • Empowerment: IPRA value research by people of and within the most vulnerable and marginalized areas of our world community.

Funding Restrictions

  • Budgets for Peace Research Grants will be closely scrutinized to make sure they comply with strict budget limitations. IPRA greatly favor responsible budgets.
  • All funds must be used for the intended research project.
  • IPRA will only support substantiated expenses directly related to the research project.
  • Budgets that include non-allowed expenses will cause your application and proposal to be rejected.
  • It is applicants’ responsibility to make sure their budget only includes allowed items.
  • If applicants have questions about whether an expense is allowable, please ask, but do not ask about any of the non-allowable expenses.
  • Non-allowed budget expenses include, but are not limited to:
    • Fees by a third party such as a university to administer your grant
    • Applicants’ normal living expenses such as rent, utilities, phone, etc.
    • School tuition
    • Salary for Primary Investigator
    • Any expenses not directly related to the project
    • First class or Business class airfare; we fund only economy airfare

Eligibility Criteria

  • Ever since the Peace Research Grants Fund was created in 2002, the IPRA Foundation has awarded grants to help fund peace research projects in places as diverse as Argentina, Bosnia, inner city communities in the United States, the Middle East, the Philippines, the Punjab, and Uganda.
  • Ineligible Applicants:
    • Only one grant will be awarded to any applicant from the Peace Research Grant Program.  If applicants have previously received a grant, please do not apply for another.
    • Other ineligible applicants include family members, students or people with other unacceptable relationships to a current or past member of the Board of Directors of the IPRA Foundation or non-Board reviewer, members of the Board of Directors of the IPRA Foundation, or non-Board reviewers.

Project Proposal Instructions

  • The Project Proposal should include applicants explanation of the problem or research question investigated by the project, the goals of the project, a detailed research strategy, a timeline for completion of the project, a budget, a brief, relevant bibliography, and full contact information (including phone, postal and email address) for three references. The Project Proposal document must not exceed six single-spaced pages exclusive of bibliography with 1 inch margins all around, Calibri Font 11.
  • The proposal must address how the project furthers the goals and mission of the International Peace Research Association Foundation, which are to advance interdisciplinary research into the conditions of peace and the causes of war and other forms of violence.
  • The Project Proposal must include all of the following 9 components:
    • the explanation of the problem or research question investigated by the project
    • the objectives of the project
    • a detailed research strategy
    • a timeline for completion of the project (including projected Project End Date)
    • a budget
    • a brief, relevant bibliography
    • full contact information (including phone, postal and email address) for three references
    • must address how the project furthers the goals and mission of IPRAF
    • a dissemination plan that that explains how you will share your research and how your research could lead to action that will promote peace
  • In the interest of committing the IPRA Foundation towards the best support of core values, note the following criteria:
    • Applicants are expected to demonstrate how their project supports nonviolent strategies in peace and conflict studies.
    • Applicants are expected to identify your strategy for disseminating the results of the project to a broad audience and key stakeholders. Beyond academic journals, we recognize the value of cultural art forms, mainstream publications, films, TED talks, etc.
    • Applicants are responsible for ensuring the safety and privacy of the research participant.
    • If applicants receive a Peace Research Grant, you agree to include the following statement in all current and future written and oral presentations related to this research project: “This research was funded by the Peace Research Grant Program of the International Peace Research Association Foundation.”
    • Special consideration will be given to researchers who demonstrate language and/or cultural competence in the research context.
  • The Project Proposal must be formatted as follows:
    • Length: Maximum length of document must be 6 single-spaced pages (not including the bibliography).
    • Margins: 1 inch margins all around
    • Font: Calibri Font size 11
    • Translation expenses will only be permitted in limited and substantiated circumstances.

For more information, visit IPRAF Foundation.

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International Peace Research Association Foundation (IPRAF)
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Wednesday, 30 June, 2021
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