Quick updates and advantages of registering your organisation for grants with “Social Services India”

Registered Organisation will receive email notification on every proposal updated on our website by funding agency including CSR funding under their selection of “Areas of Expertise”.

  • We provide newsletter with top funding agency suitable for your organisation.
  • We provide an independent platform and direct link with complete access between the organisation and funding agencies. Hence organisation registration details will help us serve you better.
  • We provide access to donor database.
  • We help the donor agency find their match for funding grants to NGO’s and NPO’s and take it forward from their.

Other Value added Services:

  • The Social Services India team also provides a detailed set of reminders, on prior notice, for filing all your statutory requirements as per the Indian Judiciary requirements for NGOs and NPOs. Tax deducted at Sources (TDS), Goods and Services Tax (GST), Professional Tax (PT), Provident fund (EPF), Intimation of Quarterly Receipt of Foreign Contribution received by organizations, Annual filing of FCRA returns, Closure of Audited accounts, Filing of Income tax return, conduct of Annual general meeting (AGM), Filing with registrar of societies (ROS) and other bodies.

  • Keeping the organization updated with any changes brought in accounting for NGOs, NPOs, and under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA).

Other FAQ’s :

Will my organization start receiving grants after I sign up with Social Services India Premium?

When you sign up for Social Services India Premium, you will not be receiving any grants – neither from us nor from any donor agency around the world. The objective of our membership service is to increase the capacity of NGOs to independently raise funds by providing them with a set of relevant skills, knowledge and information. We provide resources so that our members can fundraise more efficiently and save time on research and development.

Validity and Is it necessary to auto-renew the membership?

All registration will be valid for 2 years and there after to renew yearly. Auto-renewal of your Social Services India Premium is completely optional. However, we recommend members to auto-renew their membership as it ensures seamless service. Besides, you will continue to receive loyalty discounts, special offers and same-rate for lifetime if you keep your auto-renewal process on.

Why do you charge money for your service? has been providing free service for a number of years. However, as the popularity of our website increased, the costs towards providing this free service also increased significantly. There are associated operational costs such as software expenses, hosting expenses, development expenses, research expenses etc. So in order to sustain we launched a professional Premium Membership Service so that NGOs can pay some of these costs and help us continue providing the free option as well. SocialServicesIndia is not supported by any donor agency. continues to remain free forever but you are also welcome to signup for our Premium Service for better management of your fundraising efforts.

What if I am not satisfied with your Premium Service after signing up?

We understand that different organizations have different needs and we may not be able to satisfy everyone. We offer an unconditional 07 -day money back guarantee, no questions asked. Please note that only members who pay online are eligible for a refund. It is not possible to issue a refund to members who pay us via international bank transfer or other off-line method.

What are your Terms of Service?

You can read our complete Terms of Service here.

What if I have more questions?

We provide more answers to your questions here. Social Services India Premium customer support team is happy to answer any question you may have. Please click here to reach us.