The advantages of broadcasting your resume on this platform, and signing up for the 3 month value membership are immense:

1. Grabs the attention of employers and recruiters since we promote your strongest skills and accomplishments

2. Provides access to your resume to more than 50,000 professional organizations across India

3. Chances of getting hired are much higher compared to other candidates

4. Provides an independent platform to create links through direct interaction of candidate and employer

5. Provides all details of candidate (email, contact details etc.) with the employers for quick recruitment closure

6. List at the top of our website for 1 month to seek attention of potential employers and recruiters

7. Candidate receives email notifications for each job posted in their preferred field (This is chosen in “Areas of Expertise”)

8. We also help employers and experts see your resume first while downloading/purchasing resume credits

Note: We request the candidates to only disclose email IDs. Delete your mobile numbers and address while uploading or using the broadcast resume service.


Broadcast resume @ Rs 499/- only

If you want us to “Broadcast resume” please email us at – Please mention “Broadcast resume” in the subject line of your email.

To get the broadcast resume and free 3-month value membership, please click here to create an account and write an email to